Let this holiday season bring more smiles your way. Take a break to enjoy cooking with your kids with these simple tips.. Encourage your children to know more about cooking safely in the kitchen. Here are a few pointers to help you along.




Tips for Cooking with Kids

  • Always have adult supervision when cooking or baking with kids.
  • Wear an apron or old clothes to avoid staining good clothes.
  • Do not wear loose clothing when cooking.
  • While cooking on the stove, make sure all pot handles are turned away from the edge of the stove.
  • Make sure you do not put kitchen towels, potholders, food packaging or recipes books or papers on or near burners.
  • Use unbreakable bowls and utensils.
  • Never use metal containers, foil, wire twist ties, or dishes with metal trim in the microwave.
  • Always use potholders to remove containers from the microwave.
  • Never turn on the microwave without something inside it.
  • Be careful when eating food cooked in the microwave because the food may be much hotter than the container.
  • Don’t plug too many appliances into the same outlet.
  • Do not use an appliance with a frayed cord.
  • Make sure that ingredients and foods that need refrigeration do not sit out too long.