Ofen has a wide and varied food supply from which to choose that not only taste good, but also provides with all the nutrients required for optimum health.

square54.pngA healthy eating plan is one that:

  • Does not restrict you from eating nutritious food which may be essential to your body in order to maintain good health
  • Encourages variety
  • Is high in wholegrain, fibre and low in fat, particularly saturated & trans fats and controlled in monounsaturated & polyunsaturated fats
  • Encourages to look for lower kilojoule food options
  • Does not encourage meal skipping or fad diets
  • Is combined with regular physical activity



How to make good food choice?

Become informed. Learn about basic nutrition and the function of the different nutrients in your diet

Acknowledge the fact that food habits are built over a long period of time and that it is dependent upon a number of other factors such as cultural influences, social influences and lifestyle

Learn about the food you consume. This includes understanding the nutrition information panel, and being able to compare nutritional values of different food.