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About Us

About Ofen

‘Ofen’ means oven in Swiss-German. ‘Ofen’ the European bakeries, patisserie, all day cafe, Continental and rooftop Lebanese restaurant. Ofen is continuously adding new products to its already extensive menu. Ofen does not compromise on the quality of its products. With an eco-friendly kitchen, of which the Mobile Swiss Army Catering Wagon is an integral part, using coal for fuel, is a first for any bakeries in India and Asia..

Bakery Wagon

Its original purpose was to provide the soldiers with bread during the war as bread is the staple food in flour sieve could be run on diesel or on electricity if available. The oven can be heated either by coal or diesel. this standalone bakery has an output of 2000 kg bread per day. Cakes and pastries can also be baked in this wagon. These wagons are no longer in use in Switzerland and have been sold to different countries. We are proud to be the owners of this unique technical masterpiece, the first one in Asia.

Technical Features

  • Oven with a burner for liquid gas or coal
  • The baking surface of 9.6 sq.m
  • Dough kneading machine of 75 kg capacity
  • Generator
  • Flour Sieve
  • Hot water tank with pump
  • Plot no 49, Ground Floor Road No. 10 Banjara Hills

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